Keynote Speaking Topics

The following topics can be delivered as one-on-one sessions, a 45-minute Keynote Speech, a 1-day Workshop, or Courses extending over a period of 6-8 weeks.

Keynote Speech Topics

  • How To Start Fresh After A Bad Experience
  • How To Live Your Life With Passion and Authenticity
  • Re-Inventing Yourself!
  • How To Finally Do What You Love!
  • How To Get Along With People Who Are Not Like You
  • You Criticize Me and I Should Say Thank You?!
  • How To Talk So People Will Listen and How To Listen So People Will Talk

Organizational Coaching / Professional Development

  • Teambuilding
  • Understanding What They Mean and Getting Them To Understand You
  • Dealing Successfully With Difficult People
  • Learning To Be Assertive Instead of Passive Or Aggressive
  • The Juggling Act: Managing Multiple Roles (Parenting & Working)
  • Managing Your Stress

Family Resources Coaching / Workshops

  • Dealing Effectively with Anger
  • Learning To Be Assertive Instead of Passive or Aggressive
  • Managing Your Stress
  • Overcoming Relationship Addiction
  • Training For Couples: Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Becoming a Great Stepparent
  • Effectively Parenting Children of Divorce
  • Dealing Successfully With Difficult People
  • Becoming a Great Single Parent

Coaching / Workshops For Specific Groups

  • For anyone being interviewed by the media: Coaching executives, professionals, political candidates, etc. prior to news events, radio, television, press events, and print interviews
  • For Therapists & Coaches: Working With Adult Children Of Alcoholics
  • For Superintendents, Principals, Teachers: Trends in Adolescent Mental Health
  • For Superintendents, Principals, and Teachers: Whose Responsibility Is It? (Collaboration Between the School, Parents and the Student)
  • For Teachers & School Counselors: Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills to Students
  • For Teachers & School Counselors: Asset- Building While Exploring Diversity
  • For Working Women Who Are Presently At Home Full- or Part-Time: Sequencing: How To Have It All, But Not All At Once
  • For Adult Children of Alcoholics: Understanding Yourself and Moving On
  • For Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: Understanding Yourself and Moving On
  • For Social Workers and Therapists: Dealing With Burn-Out